Firebird's Personal Website
(A.K.A., Site I Need To Think Of A Niftier Name For)

Well. This is the new location of the old site. Assorted stuff has been rearranged.

Marvel and DC comics fanfics. Almost entirely other people's. And I'm considering oh-so-quietly removing a couple that I wrote when I was just starting out and now find embarrassing. >_> (Note: I think all the links work. Not 100% sure though. So. If you find something I missed, email me and let me know, mm'kay?)

LJ Icons
Well... duh. Regarding the Kitten, Michael Jackson, and Star Wars icons, those are available. The icons on the 'My Personal Icons' page are most definately not, as they were made by either me for me or made by friends for me. The icons on the other pages... Meh. May become available in future, may not. We'll see.

Assorted junk, like quotes I find amusing, NeoPets, and random other... stuff.

The Sims
The adventures of my Friendslist household.

Other places you can go when you get tired of this site.

And yes, I'm aware that it currently looks kinda, well boring.

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